Limit Switches

Auxiliary power service

Limit switches for auxiliary tension are manufactured are manufactured in IP 55 protection, 1th2, 10 A, 400 V.

The casing is made of grey cast iron and the cover can be manufactured in:

-          Light metal alloy in IP55 protection for IC type switches.

-          Light metal alloy or grey cast iron for 3INA type switches.

-          The switches can be supplied with 3,4 or 8 contacts, depending on the cover size and type of equipment.

-          Working temperature range: -40ºc and 70ºC

-          Switching capacity: 600 operations/hour.

-          Nominal tension: 250A, 400A and 630A

-          Depending on the casing type lamps, push button, etc. may be installed

Main power service

For material handling machinery two and three phases, cunter weight action, power circuits.

Nominal service voltage al 45 degrees, 660 V. A/C 3- phase and 250V D/C (other D/C voltages available upon request) Auxiliary contacts available upon request.

Nominal intensities 250 A, 400 A and 630 A.

The switch consists of a heavy duty housing in cast iron with a sealed cover in IP-55 protection.

The levers are linked to a hub and fitted to the drive shaft by means of a cotter.

The counterweightss are adjustable on the levers, to which they are attached with pressed bolts.

The actuation of the circuit breaker is instantanious and its breaking power is about 20 KA.

Upon special request the switch can be equipped with auxiliary breakers before the power breakers. In this version, emergency disconnection can be made, this can be repeated with the same switch after cheching the auxiliary contacts.