Conductor System Box

III+T+N poles or multiconductors can be supplied in a box of PVC, painted, steel profile galvanized or stainless steel, or aluminium.

Necessary data for a quotation

  • Electric power to be considered for continuous duty or the number of consumers on the machine and its duty cycle, as well as the number of machines.
  • Travel length.
  • Location of the feeding point with regard to the line.
  • Voltage and frequency.
  • Maximum admissable voltage drop.
  • Rail length.
  • Machine travel speed.
  • Space occupied by the machine lengthwise (for a gantry crane, for instance, lenght of the bogies or tighteners between stops).
  • Surface treatment of the steel components (nuts and bolts, etc).

Main consumers:

Large manufacturers of the material handling and machinery industry, hydraulic power stations, ports, shipyards, iron and steel mills, large electrical installations companies.