Cable trench for mobile equipment

Auxema Stemmann disposes different kind of cable channels depending on the installation type or the execution of the mobile equipment.


CCG system

Our CCG system can be supplied in hot dip galvanized or stainless steel. The lateral borders are made by electro welded laminated profiles and/or tubes with fixings to be anchored to the concrete.

  • Main advantages comparing to other systems:

- Easier to install and handle onsite.

- Quick implementation.

- Optimal adaptation to the dock.

- Acommodates installation of heating resistances for low temperature applications

- Usable with any cable guide manufacturer

Channel detail with crane

Stainless steel or hot dip galvanized full channel

Traditional system. We have optimized the manufacturing process obtaining a fully-laid piece, with no welding. As a result we get a robust design, and in consequence an optimum anchorage surface.

Supplied in lengths up to 6 meters, reduces the installation time in a 25%, saving derivate costs.

Port Mounted Channel View

Concrete trench with belt fixing device

  • Full concrete channel 
  • Supplied with a fixing square tube and anchoring legs adecuate for rubber cover solutions (Beltflex).

 Channel detail

Direct connection to the concrete channel: 

The rubber layer (BELTFLEX) is directly connected to the channel by special bolts.

SOKABELT: New cable trench technology:

This revolutionary system consists in a Polyurethane layer that avoids the contact between the cables and the concrete, prolonging the lifetime of the cables.


Main users

Large lifting and transportation machinery manufacturers, hydraulic power stations, shipyards, ports.