Slipring Assemblies

These revolving systems are used as electric link between the rotating and the fix part. More than two systems may be involved, but only at low speed.


Rings are usually made of copper or brass, depending of the application (diameter, power to be transmitted, etc.).

Insulation should be at least in accordance with the standards.


The machined flexible brushes of brush-holders adapt themselves to the diameter of the ring. Brush-holders have stainless steel springs.


We supply special equipment for signal transmission, with gold-plated and silver plated rings with electrodes submerged in mercury for signal transmission through optical fibres or equipment with preset frequencies between transmitter and receiver.


These assemblies are protected in IP-00, IP-22, IP-44, IP-65 according to the customerís specification.


They can be supplied for any capacity and application, up to 30.000 volts.


Main cosumers:

Large lifting and transport machinery manufacturers, iron and coal mining, coal fired power stations, ports handling minerals, coal, cereals and containers, large electrical installation firms, iron and steel mills, shipyards.