Cables for Handling Equipment

Full range of cables for energy and data transmission for mobile equipment.

We maintain a close relationship with the principal cable manufacturers, and an additional own production that guarantees a fully personalized solution for our customers.

Possibility to supply cables that can be used in ATEX zones. 

Main applications:

In installations undergoing a continuous modification of dynamic efforts, i.e., for electrical magnets, spreaders, as well as for high speed mechanisms where the cable is wound and continuously passing through the bends of rollers being subjected to high mechanical stress. In dry, damp and wet places, and in the open, to achieve the best mechanical results.


Manufactured under VDE 0250 conditions, furthermore, they are made with  extremely thin strands. Conductor strands are cabled on a supporting core, with a strong neoprene external layer of vulcanized textile netting.

Service temperature:

From - 20 ºC to + 40 ºC.

Admissible conductor temperature, up to 80 degrees C.

Bending and clamping diameters, VDE 0100-28 and VDE 0168-7

For > 1KV

  • On cable reels, 25 times the cable diameter.
  • In roller bends and the like, 30 times cable diameter.

For < 1KV

The previous data can be reduced a 50%.