Conductor rails Bare and Insulated

Copper full bare rails or with copper bolster:

-          Manufactured in 7 meter lengths.

-          Hot dip galvanized profiles with a minimum thickness of 4mm

-          The steel and copper profiles are connected by a dovetail, guaranteeing an effective connection; shock and dilations proof.

-          Equipped with Steatite insulators, offers a insulation guarantee without humidity absorption, even in inner, outer or aggressive atmospheres.

-          The insulators can be cleaned without water, always with no tension.


Insulated conductor rails:

Supplied in 5 meter lengths and IP23 protection against casual contacts. The modular installation concept enables a vertical, horizontal or even curvilinear installation (minimum radium 1500mm)

The number and type of rail would be defined by the characteristics of the equipment that has to be feed.